Namaste Kids

Our center is dedicated to serving children and youth in our community through a variety of classes and programs, helping them nurture balance, health and optimal wellbeing.

The Namaste Center offers:

  • Preschool Yoga (ages 3-6 Older children are welcome too)

  • Girl's Club Belly Dance (tween and teen girls)

  • Kids Yoga (all ages)

  • Tween Yoga (ages 8-11)

All our classes include movement and aspects of Mindfulness for body, mind and spirit. We also offer camps during school brakes and regular events such as parent-child yoga and kids yoga nights with crafts and yoga games. Please check out workshops for dates. SUMMER CAMPS 2019 click here.

School outreach program: 

We are pleased to be offering a Namaste Mindful Yoga and Wellness outreach program for elementary and middle schools in our community. These are classes offered by trained instructors as after school programs at school.  Contact us for more information.

Kids After School Program Registration

Please complete enrollment, you will be directed to payment once enrollment is submitted.

  • Session 1 September -October (8 weeks) $112

  • Session 2 Nov 5 - Jan 25 *no classes nov 19-23, dec 24 - Jan 11 (8 weeks) $112

  • Session 3 Feb 4 - March 22: Ralston Tuesdays 3:35 - 4:35, Marshdale Wednesdays 3:40 - 4:40, Parmalee Thursdays 3:35 - 4:35, RMAE Fridays 3:05 - 4:05

  • Session 4 4 April 1 - May 17

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Just want to do a one time $17 drop in? 48 hr preregistration is required. Please register and pay for class here. Having problems? contact us

We welcome your children to join us for these fun, play-based classes that will nurture balance, health and optimal wellbeing. All classes include movement, games, mindfulness and relaxation techniques, while offering a safe space for kids to connect with other children and our trained teachers in a fun way. Additionally, all after-school enrichment classes located at the schools feature a demystified and practical anti-bullying curriculum to help children become emotionally intelligent leaders.

While the majority of this class is energetic, movement and play-based, through games and talks kids will strengthen their understanding of:

  • Kindness

  • Empathy

  • Celebrating Diversity

  • Listening

  • Inclusiveness

  • Challenging Discrimination

Classes are for both boys and girls and are tailored for differing age groups. The Preschool (Ages 3 – 6) and Kids (Ages 5 -11) Classes are faster-paced, playful and energetic for younger children or older, more active children. The Tweens (Ages 8-11) and Teens (11-13) Classes provide a fun and playful environment, while also allowing older and more mature children to find more stillness and peace.

Namaste School Outreach Teachers

Rainey Oliver  Director of Children’s Programming

Rainey Oliver Director of Children’s Programming


 If you are interested in teaching children’s yoga, meditation or mindfulness, please contact us for our Kids Yoga Teacher Training or available teaching positions. Email:

Some of the benefits of regular yoga, mindfulness and meditation practice include, but not limited to:

*Regulate mood and anxiety disorders
*Improve focus, attention, and ability to work under stress
*Help manage ADD and ADHD
*Regulate sleep
*Reduce risk of heart disease, stroke and reduce blood pressure
*Help prevent asthma
*Improve performance and memory

Financial assistance  is considered for children who wish to enroll in the Namaste Mindful Yoga and Wellness program and are in need. Contact us here.

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